About Me

I am a perpetual student, constantly inspired by new ideas, fascinated by technology, and passionate about innovation.


After dipping my toes into three different majors, two different schools, and a gaggle of different clubs, my time at college has been anything but normal.

I started off at the University of New Haven as an Interior Design/Pre-Architecture major with hope of pursuing a career in green architecture. I had a few great professors who became my mentors, and I began asking them serious questions about the job: Do you like owning your own firm? What is it like to work in someone else's firm? And I sat with the answers, figuring out if I could see myself in this field ten, fifteen, twenty years ahead. It was difficult, and I honestly didn't know!

After deciding architecture may not be right for me, I applied to the University of Massachusetts Amherst to study Animal Science - I know, a HUGE leap. But I loved it! I took animal welfare classes as well as biology, animal anatomy and physiology, and a sheep management course. After one semester of working with UMass' herd of  fifty sheep, I became a teaching instructor for the class, and continued that role through my senior year. 

But, again, I began to ask my instructors the tough questions: How much does vet school cost? Do you think it is financially and emotionally worth it? Is the lifestyle sustainable with the amount of time the job demands? After conversing with mentors and professors, researching the career and similar paths, and engaging in a lot of personal insight, I decided animal science may not be the best career path for me, either.

Come junior year at UMass, I switched to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences to pursue a bachelor's degree in Communication. This switch opened up many doors for me:

  • I became the social media manager for an on-campus club called MassPIRG (the UMass version of U.S. PIRG);

  • I picked up a web-design/social media internship at BTA Education (a small college consulting/education advocacy business) for which I designed a new logo, managed the organization's social media accounts, and modernized its website;

  • I studied abroad in Sorrento, Italy for a semester;

  • and, upon my return from overseas, I became a Peer Advisor at the CIS Abroad headquarters in Northampton, MA where I advised prospective students on studying/interning abroad, created a Peer Advising employee onboarding system, and designed a chatbot for the company website.

As a recent graduate in a chaotic world, I have taken time to self-reflect. I know what moves me (corporate social responsibility, urban sustainability and clean energy), and now I'm on a mission to find a career that will help me fulfill these passions. Science shows the world will benefit----fiscally, socially, as well as environmentally----from sustainable action. I want to be part of the movement that will save this planet from further destruction.

Upon hearing my wacky college pathway, a few people have exclaimed, "Wow, it sounds like you can't make up your mind!" and "Do you think your first two years were a waste?" And to that I say, not at all.

I do not regret learning to ask difficult questions. I do not regret taking the time to figure out my passions. I do not regret the countless experiences and lessons I have accumulated that will, without a doubt, help me in the future (yes, I'm convinced even my sheep lessons will one day come in handy). The ability to learn is one of humanity's greatest attributes, so I will not be ashamed of the many things I have learned along my winding and twisting path. 

And that's my story... for now! Keep an eye on this site for updates on my professional and personal growth.