Barcelona, Spain

March 26, 2019


Positano is a small cliff-side city that is utterly breathtaking. The architecture alone is unbelievable - I mean, how did they design the buildings right into the rocky substrate at an angle of what seems like 90 degrees vertical!? Blasphemy!!! But that is what makes the place so intriguing for thousands of tourists and Italian vacationers alike.

Each summer, the city is swarmed with people, and the Mediterranean it overlooks is filled with boats. Because Positano is only 30 minutes from Sorrento, I was able to visit the city several times throughout the semester.  From my first visit in February, when it was definitely NOT beach whether, to my last visit in May, it was evident the city was growing more populous and busy as it reached high season.

To get to Positano, I took a SitaBus coach bus for 4 Euros round-trip. Although buses normally make me feel safer due to their size, the winding, literal cliff-side route to Positano made me fear for my life.  I had about as much adrenaline running through me as if I was on a rollercoaster - and anyone who knows me knows I don't handle rollercoasters too well!!! But the views . . . they were utterly spectacular and made the whole ordeal worth it. 

The bus dropped me and my friends off at the top of Positano (since it's on a hill), and we walked down the street to get to the beach. All along the main road there are restaurants and shops, overflowing with the area's famous ceramics, limoncello, and beachy clothing and accessories. We passed by the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, which looms over the shoreline.

Down below you finally get a full view of the Mediterranean.  The beach full of restaurants and small gelaterias. The cuisine on the Amalfi coast is famous not only for its handmade pasta, but also its fresh seafood. One of my favorite spots to eat was Ristorante La Cambusa. With its colorful mosaic tables, hand-painted plates, and mouthwatering menu, this was the place to go.  It was a little pricier for a college student, but I had some of my favorite meals there, particularly a dish called "Linguine con scampi e frutti di mare" (pasta with scampi, seafood and tomato sauce).  WOW. What a meal.  

Afterwards, I would recommend sitting out on the beach, and dipping your feet in the clear blue water.  The thousands of hotels, rentals, and local Italian houses shoot up on all sides, making it a delightful spot to just sit and take in the essence of southern Italy.


Jennifer Nelson

Boston, MA, USA

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